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Virtually Unlimited Bandwidth

With Metro's Fiber-Optic Wavelength services we can provide bandwidth up to 100Gbps!

Enjoy blazing fast speeds and low latency routes

Fiber Optic Wavelength Services

A Wavelength Service is a large bandwidth connection providing high-speed Internet or data service delivered over lit fiber-optic lines. ... Carrier Wavelength Service is also known as Fiber Optic Service, Lit Fiber Service, or Wavelength Services.

The Wavelengths Solution Enables You To:

  • Access 1Gbps-100Gbps routes and connectivity in Illinois markets.

  • Leverage low-latency and low-jitter routes for rapid solutions between essential markets – ideal for financial and carrier industries and enterprises

  • Securely connect high-bandwidth facilities within a metro or between cities with a dedicated fiber and optical network



Metro's ultra-low-latency routes provide financial, carrier, and enterprise customers the advantage of rapid solutions between core locations. We have invested in new routes and optronics to eliminate local stops, reduce the distance between essential markets and minimize regions.



Get wavelength connectivity on dedicated fiber and optical components that allows you to securely connect high-bandwidth facilities within a metro or between cities.


Metro has grown its wavelengths network through both organic growth and acquisitions. We continually invest in our network and expand our connectivity options at a rapid pace.  We are adding 250 fiber-optic miles annually on average and operate 3,000+ miles already!

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Why choose Metro wave services?

LAN and WAN options available

Diversity and sub-50 ms ring protection switching standard

Option to specify A-Z path, supporting diversity even with routes procured from a different carrier

Flexible network topologies

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