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  • What kind of speeds should I expect with a fiber-optic connection?
    The fiber-optic Internet is many times faster than the highest-speed copper Internet connections, with options available that range from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. your business will not have to fight for Internet access, even during periods of high demand for Internet access.
  • How reliable is a fiber-optic connection?
    Fiber Internet connectivity offers significant reliability advantages over copper Internet connectivity because fiber is not affected by things that affect copper, such as weather and electromagnetic interference. The fiber-optic Internet is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions, which can damage or stall data transmission via copper cabling. Fiber is also resistant to human or electrical interference unless fibers are physically cut. Unreliable Internet connections can have real costs to businesses, any amount of unplanned downtime can bring business communications and productivity to a complete stop. If your company requires an Internet connection to make phone calls or access applications, reliability is a necessity. We guarantee a 99.999% uptime and 24/7/365 support.
  • Is a fiber-optic connection secure?
    Would-be hackers and information thieves can gain access to business cable Internet with relative ease, due to cable tapping or other relatively simple methodologies. The only way to penetrate fiber-optic Internet is to physically cut the fibers, which will cause the signal to disappear. The fiber-optic Internet is one powerful way to increase your company’s protection against cyber crime. Companies who leak protected information can face stiff financial penalties and customer defection. While media coverage of high-profile security breaches often focuses on large organizations, companies of all sizes are at significant risk of an attack. While an upgrade to fiber-optic Internet connectivity will not mitigate all of your organization’s risks, it is certainly an important means of protection.
  • Is it cost effective to purchase a fiber-optic connection?
    Fast Internet is widely considered to be a productivity tool for businesses. Eliminating speed issues could result in a week's worth of productivity increases each year. If your business suffers from unreliable connectivity due to region or weather, you could be losing thousands of dollars each year. Productivity issues that are directly attributed to slow or unreliable cable Internet could disappear with fiber. Additionally, your business will gain flexibility and scalability with fiber-optic Internet connectivity. If your IT team is hoping to move more applications and services to the cloud, a fiber connection can also support these initiatives. Software-as-a-service (Saas), cloud storage, and VoIP are all business services that have enormous potential for cost savings and benefit significantly from fiber connectivity.
  • What is Symmetric Speed and how does it relate to fiber-optic connections?
    “Symmetric speed” is a term used to refer to equal upload and download times on an Internet connection. With fiber Internet, your employees can benefit from equal upload and download times. Symmetric speed is not critical for business operations but is beneficial. Today's employees are more likely to upload video content, files, or make phone calls while downloading content more now than they have in the past. Symmetric speed enables users to accommodate heavy demands on downloads and uploads simultaneously via their data connection.
  • Will a fiber-optic connection always maintain a strong signal?
    With traditional broadband Internet using DSL or Ethernet over Copper, the signal degrades as the user moves away from the switch. The signal strength of fiber-optic Internet degrades at an unnoticeable rate and doesn’t need “reproduced.” This reduces latency and improves the quality of the connection.
  • What is Latency and how does a fiber-optic connection improve that connection?
    Latency is a term used to describe delays that occur while processing data over an Internet connection. Fiber-optic Internet eliminates many of the latency issues users experience on cable Internet, particularly when downloading or uploading video or high-definition content. The business benefits of lowering your latency could include: • Faster Internet browser speeds – reduce the time it takes for webpages to load • Better voice quality for VoIP users • Ability to move more apps to the cloud • Downloads and uploads of huge files without disruption • Improved collaboration between employees
  • Do you offer residential services?
    For all residential fiber optic needs, please click the button below. For any questions or concerns, please give is a call or email.
  • Do you offer services in my area?
    Check out our Service Area Map to see if we have services near you. Still not sure? Give us a call or email today!
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